I met Adrienne at the Big Day Out stall in Auckland and after excitedly purchasing a Neck Cooler,
which was fab on such a hot busy day, I explained to Adrienne I work as Lymphoedema Nurse and have been
wanting to find an outlet for these coolers for my patients. You may know that Lymphoedema is a chronic,
progressive disorder that commonly occurs after treatment for cancer when Lymph nodes have been removed or scarred.
Heat is one of the risk factors that can worsen this distressing condition,
~Alex Pearley

I have had a patient in the past who tied several of these coolers around her leg on hot days to reduce the impact
of the heat on her oedema.
~Michele Tilson

I recently purchased three of your neck coolers from the nelson markets. They have been brilliant at my place of work
and many of the other teachers now would like one.
~Tom Crealey

The Neck Coolers are an excellent concept and product received with thanks. Last night I had a need to use one of
them as my son had a temperature.
~Perry Velz

on my recent visit to NZ I came across yours stall at the Christchurch market and being Italian where summers are really
hot and humid I loved your neck cooler and bought a couple. Now that I'm back home all my family and friends that have
seen and used it all want one.
~Jenny McBride

Thank you so very much for a wonderful product. My Heavenly Feet have become my new friends, and can fit my feet or my hands.
Well done for a great NZ product.
~Vera Perez

Slippers arrived today, they are wonderful! I am wearing them right now and my feet are toasty warm :)
Excellent product, I may well get some more as gifts. Thanks so much.
~Sue Billingsworth

I just wanted to let you know how relieved I am now I have received your Neck Cooler.
I suffer from overheating due to menopause. The relief was instant! Thank you so much.
~Sarah Finn

The Heavenly Feet was one of my best purchases this winter!
What a great invention. Highly recommended to all!
~Nicole Simpson

I came across your coolers from a colleague I play golf with. Upon his recommendation I purchased one of your Neck Coolers.
I now enjoy my golf even more, and managed to beat him in the next game !
~Tanzy Snell

Thanks very much for the beautiful feet - my sister in law in England is going to LOVE them...
although with the weather today, I'm tempted to heat them up and put them on when I'm at my desk!

Just thought I would drop you a quick note and say what a fantastic product you have.
The Heavenly Feet are extremely good quality, well made and presented and lovely fabric colour.
~Jonny Innes

Hi I am a cool dog and my name is Rosa. This is a photo of me looking cool in my "cool coat"
I am 10 years old which is getting on for a Newfoundland but because I am a "Canine Friend" and visit rest homes regularly
I need to keep active and this is pretty difficult this hot weather. My "cool coat" makes all the difference and I love it.
I have just had a camping holiday in the Marlborough Sounds and I stayed cool and happy all the time.
I even stayed cool in the car on what was about the hottest day this summer.
Tell your people about these fabulous "Cool Coats" and get them to order one straight away.

My granddaughter suffers from Hypohydrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. Sounds horrendous and is in many respects.
Her teeth, hair and nails don't form properly and sufferers don't sweat properly - so over heating is a real problem.
he is 2 years old and has just been diagnosed in the last 6 months. I think she finds the hot weather troublesome and
her Mum has been having trouble with tantrums.
~Eunice Brown

Your Cool Vest and Neck Cooler have been fabulous. The Ectodermal Dysplasia society has the USA National
rare disease day tomorrow - so seems appropriate. Thanks again for your beautiful handy work.

My twins love the teddy wheat bags we purchased from you.
They walk around with them all day and wait patiently while I heat them in the microwave at bed time.
Bed time is now fun and I know they are snug and warm.
~Patty Greenaway

I work sitting at a computer all day and by the time I get home my neck and shoulders ache.
I just love the large wheat collar I purchased through your website. I wear it at my computer and share it
around the office. I think some more orders will be placed.
~Jude Simmons


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